Abstract: PRACE

The vision of PRACE (http://www.prace-ri.eu/) is to enable and support European global leadership in public and private research and development. PRACE seeks to realize this vision by contributing to the advancement of European competitiveness in industry and research through provisioning of world leading persistent computing and data management resources and services. The PRACE RI is a pan-European infrastructure seated in Brussels and established as an international non-profit association of European government representative organizations responsible for High-Performance Computing resources and services for public research. PRACE partners are creating a pan-European world class computing and data management infrastructure, providing access to resources at the highest performance level including sophisticated services for scientific simulations in all fields of science and engineering. Taking full advantage of Globus Technology, PRACE provides users with the following benefits:

  • seamlessly access PRACE machines through the Globus GSI interface. Users can authenticate with a X.509 certificate and easily move from one machine to another using Single Sign-On capability; 
  • transfer data across PRACE internal sites and external machines (i.e. user's workstations) using the Globus GridFTP protocol. Taking full advantage of the 10 Gb/s network, which links most of PRACE sites, users can move data reaching very high transfer speeds and thus profit from the full capacity of the network. Globus GridFTP also provides them the ability to recover client and server failures and resume any incomplete transfer.

In general, dealing with a distributed environment where resources are both geographically distributed and heterogeneous is a great challenge. An efficient use of the infrastructure is essential to address increasing data and compute requirements of large-scale applications. There is always the need to provide efficient services to improve traditional techniques of user interaction with the infrastructure so to relieve them of the burden to deal with the complexity of underneath technology. Advanced data management services based on intelligent resource provisioning algorithms, easy-to-use interfaces, on-demand resource allocation mechanisms, data clouds toolkits are highly desirable elements to foster the PRACE vision.