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Abstract: Integrating the European Globus community into the European Grid Infrastructure

This talk describes how the European Globus community can be integrated into the European Grid Infrastructure. EGI’s Virtual Research Community (VRC) model allows users of different technologies - but similar research areas - to come together to share experiences, needs and potentially tools.

The needs of these new Globus based communities are integrated within EGI's various processes and services through three stages: Firstly, the VRC model is described in terms of how users and their communities are identified and supported across Europe and beyond with examples given in a range of research disciplines; secondly, the EGI User Support Platform is described as the mechanism for identifying and supporting the research area-specific applications that need to be developed and supported with examples given from the integrated support services that EGI provides together with some popular applications - the role of National Grid Initiatives (NGIs) in the support process is also described; finally, the infrastructure itself is described with a particular focus on the road-mapping process and the role of technology providers, such as Globus, in this mechanism.

The talk concludes with a description of the part that Globus technology can play in contributing to the sustainable future of EGI and of how EGI can contribute to the expansion of the Globus user community.