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Abstract: Experiences with the Globus API

Our End users have been using Globus based Grid environments since more than 10 years, via a variety of means and tools, such as command line tools, portals, workflow environments, custom utilities, and recently REST interfaces, and, interesting for us, also via a variety of programming interfaces.  Over the years, the Globus APIs have evolved and changed, and reacted to both changes in the underlying technologies, and to evolving user demands.

SAGA, as an API abstraction layer, is a direct consumer of the Globus APIs, and we would like to present the problems and also the successes as we see them from our, albeit limited, perspective.  We are in the unique position to be able to compare the Globus APIs to alternative access layers to Grid infrastructure, in both syntax and semantics, but also in respect to ease of use, stability, evolution, documentation, etc. Finally, we would like to showcase a number of applications which make use of Globus based infrastructures, via the SAGA/Globus API stack.