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Challenges and Issues in Earth Science Oriented Application Development for Grid Architectures


Earth Science oriented tools and applications development is a high challenge to software methodologies and software developers. Huge data, high resolution spatial models, parallel and distributed processing, accessing policies, user interaction, platform compatibilities, required performance and usability are just a few issues faced by Grid based tools and applications developers. This presentation reveals experience acquired through a few research projects such as MedioGrid, GiSHEO, SEE-GRID-SCI, and EnviroGRIDS in order to highlight the challenges to new scientific and technological Grid based solutions.


Grid application development methodology, Earth Science, Grid based processing

β€œThe first national research and academic Grid infrastructure developed and experimented by the MedioGrid project was based on the Globus Tk4 technology. Just for compatibility with other European projects we moved on to other platforms, and unfortunately we have been constrained to accept compromises for getting interoperability, efficiency, and robustness.”

Prof. Dorian Gorgan is PhD supervisor in Computer Science and Information Technologies at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. He is the chair of the CGIS (Computer Graphics and Interactive Systems) Laboratory. His fields of interest concern with graphical modeling and processing based on graphics clusters, grid computing, interactive and distributed applications, Earth Science applications and tools development, geospatial and Grid infrastructures interoperability. He was ERCIM fellow at RAL, UK, and visiting professor to different universities in the field of Computer Sciences. He was the initiator and the director of the MedioGrid project and national research and academic Grid infrastructure. He is involved as well in the GiSHEO, SEE-GRID-SCI, mEducator, and EnviroGRIDS international research projects.