Abstract: WS-VLAM a Grid-enabled workflow management system

Grid brings the power of many computers to scientists. However, the development of Grid-enabled applications requires knowledge about Grid infrastructure and low-level API to Grid services. In turn, workflow management systems providea high-level environment for rapid prototyping of experimental computing systems. Coupling Grid and workflow paradigms is important for the scientific community: it makes the power of the Grid easily available to the end user. In the context of the Virtual Laboratory Abstract Machine (VLAM), 2000-2004, and the follow up project VL-e (2004-2009) we have developed a first prototype of a grid based workflow system, which aimed at covering the  entire lifecycle of scientific workflows (www.science.uva.nl/~gvlam/wsvlam). VLAM end users were able to share workflows, reuse each other workflow components, and execute workflow using resources across multiple organizations, using Globus 4  (GT4).